Weird Science: Fantasy and Microchips

In our inaugural blog posting I thought it only prudent to pay tribute to our blog’s name sake — the 80’s “teen-film” Weird Science which I believe may have been a root sub conscious source for my interest in technology: The possibility of using technology to create something beautiful. In this case Kelly LeBrock.

Incidentally many of the lyrics of the film’s theme by 80’s band Oingo Boingo also share in the spirit of the creative potential of interactive technologies:

“Bits and pieces and magic from the hand”

While our roots are in traditional web design and development – bits – we are increasingly experimenting and implementing interactive solutions that cross over into the world of the atom – pieces. Our Floord touch screens put the magic in the hands of exhibit attendees giving them a low pressure and fun way to educate themselves on your products and services.

“Things I’ve never seen before”

It’s a cliche but… in an increasingly competitive marketplace… you need to stand out to be noticed … which means you need new ways to capture people’s imagination… you need things they’ve never seen before.

“Magic and Technology, Fantasy and Microchips”

Never before has art had such a versatile toolset, thanks to the magic of the microprocessor. Circuit boards, relay chips, and easily programmed controller cards are readily available. Cheap wireless broadband is ubiquitous. Standardized and reliable computers to control them are small and powerful. The interactive designer can dream, fantasize, and then go down to the local electronics shop and unify art and technology … fantasy and microchips, shoot from the hip – something different we’re making – weird science.