Our 20 Foot Multi Touch Wall

With a seriously compressed timeline of about 3 weeks we conceptualized, engineered, designed, programmed, and installed this 20′ multi-touch wall. The installation was featured at Dubai Cityscape in October 2008, and has been improved significantly since. Tracker and base flash API credit to NUI. Here’s some video of the process:

How to Build a 20′ Multitouch Screen in 3 Weeks from Ben Unsworth on Vimeo.


Time Capsule

So — we haven’t exactly kept our blog up to date… ie we made one post when we launch this site and haven’t given it any love since…

Once we get our new site up we promise to change that.  In the meantime since we’re currently looking to hire 3 new positions in the upcoming month (lead web programmer, graphic/UI designer, motion designer) we thought we should make a few posts to let everyone know what we’ve been up to.

The Lead Web Programmer position is posted here and the application form here.

Stay tuned…