Release early, often, and with rap music

In the spirit of agile development, up goes our new website. We’re not completely convinced that everything is absolutely perfect but there’s no better way to figuring out the details than to get it out there in the hands of users. And since the inspiring folks at recommend that a little rap should accompany your revs we’re providing you with an appropriate background track.

Used to Be, Classified

In order for [interactive] advertising to be successful it must entertain, emotionally engage, and capture people’s imaginations.  Classified and Mic Boyd reminisce about the emotionally engaging experience of getting their hands on the latest music via the at-the-time most current audio delivery system.

[Classified:] Man, remember tape cassettes?
[Mic Boyd:] Tape cassettes? !
[Classified:] I remember goin into record stores, gettin so excited
For that new album, you know?
When you got it, is was like nothin else mattered

Digital technology has pushed media consumption online creating a major efficiency but starving the tactile experience.

My, my, my, my dad says they don’t make music like they use to
And nowadays there ain’t no record store to root through
We upload and then we viewin it on YouTube
Digital to Bluetooth, I see why that confuse you

We as an interactive agency aspire to bring that back by harnessing the recent advancements in accessibility of physical computing. Our peers at Obscura Digital say “the world is our canvas” referring to the ubiquity of computing. Wired magazine says “the universe is a big computer”. We say, pay respect to the what came first: the computer is a little universe.

Drum machines with touch screens, this must be the future
One man band all recorded on computer

This is the future. Robots that feel, handheld super-computers that you can talk to, electronic cigarettes… with Moore’s law ticking away the power of what one person or a small team can accomplish is impressive. With a core group of only 9 people we’ve been able to create worldwide installations of seamless interactive displays that span rooms, interactive objects that magically control screens, and computers that know someone is looking at them.

Cubase, Cakewalk and Pro Tools users
Filtered effects and overused Auto-Tuners
(If you can’t hit the note), then hit a switch
Artists can’t get the pitch and end up [Auto-Tune voice] “singing like this”
Sounds like robots are takin our jobs
While these same record labels keep on payin ’em off

Robots may be taking our jobs but that’s OK because we’ve been promoted from systematic execution to story tellers. Our understanding of technology is our toolbox, how we use that technology to create surprise, wonder, and beautiful moving experiences is the art.

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