Globacore and Intel’s Launch Pad

Thanks to Event Marketer for the great article on our 16′ Multi Touch wall.

Created for Intel’s booth at Oracle Open World our 16′ wide by 6.4′ tall 4HD multi touch wall is one of the worlds largest and highest resolution seamless multi touch displays ever created featuring a whopping 4320 x 1920 pixels.

The wall featured 4 x Intel Shady Cove Dual 6-Core XEON processors with 12 GB of RAM, nVidia 480 Graphic Cards 5000 Lumen and Panasonic HD 5000 Lumen projectors.

The system was built in Processing using the MPE libaray, Traer Physics, and a custom TUIO library port.

The wall featured 500 individually designed cubes with interlinking content.

The total project design and development time was pulled off in less than 3 months.

The article links to one of our videos — but this one is better…

Globacore and Intel’s Launch Pad at OOW from Ben Unsworth on Vimeo.