Globacore is Big in Japan

This morning at 9AM Osaka time Globacore launched two interactive exhibits for SIBOS exhibitors: SWIFT and BNY Mellon.

The SWIFT stand features a 14′ ultra-high resolution multitouch wall showcasing 5 of their key financial products. A playful interaction with design elements taken from their brand guidelines allow a number of interesting gestures. Users can drag product bubbles, touch to dive deeper, toss the bubbles away, or pinch-zoom them to pop them and explode smaller graphical elements all over the screen. The screen also features a video mode showcasing life size presentations by the product managers.

BNY Mellon features our award winning Payment Challenge game originally created for them last but updated with new more challenging rules.

Interestingly other SIBOS exhibitors have chosen to develop and feature interactive games on their stands. Ben, Lukasz, and Armando currently have the top scores on all of them — on the line: an iPad 3 and a giant stuffed moose. Good luck boys.