Updated — Hiring: Full Stack Web Developer

Globacore is a creative technology company building digital experiences for physical spaces. Examples of our work include custom made video games for corporate clients, mobile applications for events, and VR experiences for aspiring paperboys.

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Almost all of our applications are backed by custom content management systems, mobile registration apps, game controllers, link into social media web services, and tailored analytics. This part of a project is built by our teams’ web developers.

We are currently looking to fill a full-time position with an experience web application developer to support app development in Python/Django, Node.js, and Angular and  Ruby/Rails.

We work in agile teams practicing a form of Kanban, which is to say any experience building in an agile workflow is beneficial but not required as we do ongoing agile training on the job.

Please send your CV, link to your portfolio or personal site, and examples of past web application projects to jobs@globacore.com .

If you want to get a better idea about our projects and recent works check out the links below:



WestJet Xmas Miracle wins Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions!

We are thrilled to have just heard that the WestJet Xmas Miracle has won a bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions! An idea conceived by Studio M and WestJet needed a little extra umph on the tech side requiring a way to scan airline ticket barcodes, and pipe 1080p video through custom software between Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary. Using a selection of open source software such as WebRTC and OpenFrameworks we were able to achieve the performance we needed to this high availability experience. More info on the tech behind the project is here in our WestJet case study: http://www.globacore.com/case-studies/westjet/

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Oculus Rift + Kinect + KickR = Our Homage to Paperboy: PaperDude VR

At Globacore we create custom branded videogames and interactive exhibits. Our specialty is in using emerging technologies in creative ways — usually for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

For this project we wanted to go back to our roots — back to a time where our romance with interactive technology began. Somewhere between typing in Load & Run on the Commodore 64, and checking out the latest arcade game at the convenience store on the corner… there was a game that stood out…

The game was called Paperboy… made by Atari and published in 1984.

It’s cutting-edge 3D orthographic projection blew Spy Hunter‘s top down view out of the water… the in-game speech seemed an impossible reality… and the actual bike handle game controllers on the arcade version was the cherry on top of this ground breaking emergent experience.

Fast forward to 2013… using an Oculus Rift, a Kinect, an actual bike, and and a Wahoo Fitness Kickr we’ve tried to take our much-loved game to the next level…

PaperDude VR… Check it out on its project page here

Intel Make That Meeting at Microsoft MGX

Launched at Microsoft MGX — Make that Meeting is a custom branded videogame designed as a fun way to interact with show attendees. Upon entering the booth, attendees were encouraged to visit various demo stations in the exhibit and scan their NFC enabled phones to unlock game tokens within the Make That Meeting game.

To reinforce the theme of working together players had to physically jump, duck and high-five their way down the custom designed office environment, maximizing points, and attempt to climb to the top of the leaderboard. The game is built with Unity 3D and Kinect and incorporates a complementary mobile web app that provides the landing pages for the NFC scans, as well as an initial user registration. In the short 2 day event over 300 unique attendees played the game, often standing in line for the opportunity.

Intel: Make That Meeting at Microsoft Global Exchange 2013 from Globacore on Vimeo.

Globacore Runner Game at FITC

Videogames are an amazing new way to communicate your brand. Introducing Globacore’s custom 3D game development capability – check out our own runner game made in-house with love for #FITCTO

Globacore at CES

Today we are proud to launch an interactive table designed for Philips Lifeline at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The interactive experience walks visitors through 4 scenarios related to the use of Philip’s Lifeline product. The scenarios are activated through the 4 external touchscreens which play video synchronized with interactive elements of an architectural model floating on top of 4 video wall monitors. Thanks to our partners at The Taylor Group, 1188, and Peter McCann Architecture for their expert contributions to the project. As always, big thanks to the our Globacore crew for bringing the project through to polished completion here at the worlds biggest consumer electronics tradeshow. If anybody at CES is interested in learning more about the project or getting a walk through of the other interactive displays at CES email us at info@globacore.com

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Globacore wins Gold at EventTech

Congrats to the Globacore team for taking home the Gold at the EventTech awards in NYC! The award for best use of a handheld device went to Honda’s Trivia Racing Game featured at the Honda Indy this June.

EventTech Award Winners: http://eventtech.eventmarketer.com/eta/

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Honda Trivia Racing Game from Ben Unsworth on Vimeo.