An Interactive Xmas Miracle

Launched today by WestJet we are proud to share a project that we had the pleasure of working on over the last couple of months — The WestJet Christmas Miracle:

The custom video chat application connected passengers at Toronto and Hamilton airports to a virtual Santa stationed near WestJet’s HQ in Calgary.

The Tech Behind The Miracle

Passengers were invited to scan their boarding pass at a larger than life gift-box kiosk — the passenger’s name, pulled off the 2D barcode were then displayed on the screen as a friendly greeting, followed by a “Connecting to the North Pole” load screen… and then, powered by the open technologies of Web RTC and OpenFrameworks — portrait oriented Santa was piped through at a crystal clear 1080p. On Santa’s side, Mr. Claus got a video stream of the guest, with a heads up display of their name… just in case he forgot (it is busy time of year).

Watch the video to find out what happened when they landed in Calgary 3 hours later…

Thanks to our partners on the project: Studio M, Mosaic, The Taylor Group

& Happy Holidays from the Globacore Team!


Oculus Rift + Kinect + KickR = Our Homage to Paperboy: PaperDude VR

At Globacore we create custom branded videogames and interactive exhibits. Our specialty is in using emerging technologies in creative ways — usually for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

For this project we wanted to go back to our roots — back to a time where our romance with interactive technology began. Somewhere between typing in Load & Run on the Commodore 64, and checking out the latest arcade game at the convenience store on the corner… there was a game that stood out…

The game was called Paperboy… made by Atari and published in 1984.

It’s cutting-edge 3D orthographic projection blew Spy Hunter‘s top down view out of the water… the in-game speech seemed an impossible reality… and the actual bike handle game controllers on the arcade version was the cherry on top of this ground breaking emergent experience.

Fast forward to 2013… using an Oculus Rift, a Kinect, an actual bike, and and a Wahoo Fitness Kickr we’ve tried to take our much-loved game to the next level…

PaperDude VR… Check it out on its project page here