An Interactive Xmas Miracle

Launched today by WestJet we are proud to share a project that we had the pleasure of working on over the last couple of months — The WestJet Christmas Miracle:

The custom video chat application connected passengers at Toronto and Hamilton airports to a virtual Santa stationed near WestJet’s HQ in Calgary.

The Tech Behind The Miracle

Passengers were invited to scan their boarding pass at a larger than life gift-box kiosk — the passenger’s name, pulled off the 2D barcode were then displayed on the screen as a friendly greeting, followed by a “Connecting to the North Pole” load screen… and then, powered by the open technologies of Web RTC and OpenFrameworks — portrait oriented Santa was piped through at a crystal clear 1080p. On Santa’s side, Mr. Claus got a video stream of the guest, with a heads up display of their name… just in case he forgot (it is busy time of year).

Watch the video to find out what happened when they landed in Calgary 3 hours later…

Thanks to our partners on the project: Studio M, Mosaic, The Taylor Group

& Happy Holidays from the Globacore Team!